How to Get Your Workers’ Compensation Approved in North Carolina

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It’s not that complicated to get your workers’ compensation approved. In America, over 90% of employees have workers’ compensation coverage in case of work-related injuries. In Charlotte, North Carolina, employers with more than three employees must have North Carolina workers’ compensation insurance. The North Carolina Workers Compensation Act (NCWCA) makes provision for this. North Carolina […]

What Happens When You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in North Carolina?

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There is so much uncertainty regarding what happens when you file a workers’ compensation claim as an injured employee. This uncertainty has prevented many victims from enjoying the benefits due to them. Under North Carolina law, almost every employer is supposed to have insurance coverage for their employees for any on-the-job injuries they may suffer. […]

What to Do If Your Work Comp Case Is Denied

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Your employer must ensure that you’re provided with a safe environment for work. If for some reason you get sick or injured in the course of your work, you’re entitled to compensation. It’s called worker’s compensation insurance, or work comp in the alternative. Work comp is an alternative to suing your employer for negligence. Instead […]

What Happens to My Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I Lose My Job?

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No one plans or desires to get fired, but getting laid off happens whether you want it or not. Several factors, like budget cuts, unforeseen financial downturns, or breach of contract, can lead to termination from your job. As long as there’s a legitimate reason, the chances of a legal remedy are slim. The story […]

Who Can Reopen Workers Compensation Cases?

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Who is the respondent in a workers comp case, and who can reopen claims? These are questions that people ask when they feel as though their workers compensation claim will have trouble reaching a full resolution. It is completely fair for employees to worry about what will happen after their case closes and what they […]

Employers that “Fix” Injuries On-Site


It’s fairly common for an employer to pull out the first aid kit for a slight scrape or burn on-site while you and the manager decide what to do about the injury. But what happens when employers attempt to fix or treat injuries on-site rather than sending you for medical treatment? There are certainly times […]

Can You Get Workers Compensation for Passing Out at Work?


State-by-state, many people have heard about landmark cases of people getting workers compensation for passing out at work.  The trouble is that workers compensation varies on a case-by-case and state by state basis. It is not enough to say that one person who fell at work eventually got compensation because they passed out. That does […]

Do Employees Pay Into Workers Compensation Benefits?

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While employees certainly pay into a variety of different benefits and sometimes optional benefits, worker’s compensation isn’t one of them. Worker’s compensation should always be there for you if you’re hurt on the job or sick because of your work. Unfortunately, many people realize when you go to file a workers’ compensation claim that the […]

Why Can’t You Get Full Compensation for Lost Wages?

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Why is it so troublesome to access full compensation after any type of accident? There are a few present issues that come up when discussing why clients often don’t get full compensation, and why people who handle these claims on their own get very small portions of what they deserve. However, even when claimants do […]

What are the Real Goals of Worker’s Comp Adjusters?

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We’ve all heard about the unsavory tactics used by car accidents and homeowners insurance claims adjusters. But worker’s compensation can’t work the same way, right? Actually, you shouldn’t be so surprised when a worker’s compensation claims adjuster provides a much lower figure than you anticipated. In fact, many companies are turning to the familiar insurance […]