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If you are living in North Carolina, and you need to apply for Concord workers’ compensation benefits, there are certain steps that must be taken. If you are suffering from a permanent physical impairment, or if you have lost wages as a result of an incident or accident, you are entitled to what are called disability benefits. It’s important to understand the entire process and to know when you will be paid. This is different from Permanent Partial Disability benefits, and you can receive almost all of your wages when this is submitted properly. Call 704.706.2689 to learn how our workers’ compensation lawyers can help ensure you recover the benefits you need.

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The Income Limits Regarding Workers Compensation Benefits

When a worker is deemed as having been injured on the job, wage replacement benefits can be provided. For workers in North Carolina, receiving these benefits can be somewhat complex, which has to do with North Carolina Workers Compensation laws. You will receive some of your wages, but a decreased amount, plus you must prove that you are entitled to this money. In North Carolina, the injured employee is responsible for approving that they should receive disability payments, and this is why this is sometimes a complex issue.

Different Types Of Disability Benefits In North Carolina

In Concord, North Carolina, you are able to recover the following types of benefits after sustaining a work injury:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

TTD is the first time. This is temporary, paid to the employee as they are going to the healing process. Whether they were injured, or if they have contracted some disease, they can start to receive these benefits after seven consecutive or nonconsecutive days. Should the disability last longer than three weeks, the initial seven days will count toward what they will receive in the form of payments. In June 2011, workers comp in North Carolina now will extend those benefits up to a total of 500 weeks with the potential for extensions.

TTD benefits require the worker to prove their disability. A physician will simply treat them, and subsequently, tell them not to return to work unless certain restrictions are met. If the employer cannot accommodate restrictions, these benefits will be received. These benefits can be stopped if the employer is able to show the Industrial commission that they are no longer injured, plus the employee can also stop them. This is done through Form 24, and all employees that receive this form need to contact an NC workers comp law board-certified specialist to address this issue.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

TPD is also paid while the worker is recovering, at a reduced rate, and this also includes the seven day waiting period. These benefits can also last for up to 500 weeks if they were filed after June 24, 2011. The worker will receive two-thirds of their typical wages during this time.

Contact our lawyers to learn what Concord workers' compensation benefits you may be able to receive.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Finally, PPD or Permanent Partial Disability benefits will be paid out if they are not able to be 100% after the healing period has come to an end. North Carolina schedule N.C.G.S. 97-31 will dictate if they qualify or not for additional benefits. Workers are also entitled to a second opinion from a physician at their expense.

How Are Workers Comp Benefits Calculated?

The amount of benefits that a worker will receive in North Carolina for Temporary Total Disability or Even Permanent Total Disability benefits will be two-thirds of their average weekly wage. This is officially referred to as the compensation rate which is To buy the NC Industrial Commission.

Are Workers Comp Benefit Payments Taxed In North Carolina?

No taxes will be taken from the money that is paid to workers for any of these forms of compensation. This also applies to Temporary Partial Disability payments which are also nontaxable.

Schedule Loss Of Use Awards

In North Carolina, you may also qualify for what is called schedule loss of use awards. This has to do with permanent disabilities that are very specific. If you have lost body parts including your feet, arms, hands, or your fingers, you can certainly qualify for this disability benefit. The same is true for a loss of hearing or the loss of your vision. This will also be based upon two-thirds of your average weekly wages.

This will then be multiplied times a specific number of weeks, in reference to your impairment rating, to come up with the total amount. Whether you have been slightly injured, or if you have one of these injuries, you may still encounter problems and receive your compensation. If this happens, it is always a good idea to speak with an attorney that understands Worker’s Compensation law in North Carolina.

Review What Concord Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Are Eligible To Receive With Our Attorneys

Although much of this can seem confusing when a worker is simply trying to receive money while recovering from injuries or illness caused at their job site, the paperwork is relatively straightforward. Navigating the rules and regulations of receiving this money, however, can be somewhat complex.

If you have found that your employer is not being helpful, or if you simply do not know how to proceed forward, you should speak with a Concord personal injury lawyer that can assist you with all of these problems and more. For more information or assistance with any of these issues, please contact us at 704.706.2689 or through the contact form.

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