What are the Real Goals of Worker’s Comp Adjusters?

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We’ve all heard about the unsavory tactics used by car accidents and homeowners insurance claims adjusters. But worker’s compensation can’t work the same way, right? Actually, you shouldn’t be so surprised when a worker’s compensation claims adjuster provides a much lower figure than you anticipated. In fact, many companies are turning to the familiar insurance […]

Accepting New Limitations After A Severe Injury

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Oftentimes people don’t realize the full extent of an injury until they started the process of healing and maybe even made plans for surgery and ongoing recovery. There’s typically the “oh it’s fine” response immediately after a severe injury, and the idea that you may experience many new limitations can be shocking. However, days later, […]

Don’t Sweat It – Manage Your Recovery

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In December of 2016, the Social Security Administration identified that there were over 10,000,000 people who were receiving social security disability benefits. Many of the adults sustained injuries or developed health conditions that left them unable to work for extended periods of time. However, that recovery period may be much more hopeful than it initially […]

Grocery Store Related Workplace Injuries

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Grocery store employees are among the most prized essential workers. They keep the shelves stocked, and we see them frequently taking precautions to protect our safety. From wiping down commonly touched areas to keeping floors dry, most grocery store workers are dedicated to safety for everyone involved. However, our Charlotte injury lawyers have seen their […]

Should Professional Drivers Have Dashcams?

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Professional drivers don’t just include people behind the wheel of a stock car. As we’ve all recently shifted our understanding of essential workers, we see that many of them spend most of the day traveling for their job. We’re not talking about sitting in a two-hour commute every day. In fact, what we’re talking about […]

How Long Can You Receive Workers Compensation Benefits

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Is workers’ compensation like disability where there’s a running timer once you start receiving benefits? How long should it take to receive workers’ comp benefits? How long might you have to wait for payment? These questions about the time frames that apply to workers’ compensation are a little difficult to handle and sort through because […]

Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel

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Workers’ compensation covers all manner of injuries, including repetitive motion. A repetitive motion injury, such as carpal tunnel, comes from years of doing the same actions over and over again. That could be typing at a keyboard, cutting on a cutting board, or lifting with the wrists. Carpal tunnel is often put off when it […]

Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Workers' Compensation Insurance?

While most of the world has experienced some impact of COVID-19 are facing a unique struggle. Not only is it possible that COVID-19 has affected your worker’s compensation, but if you’re in North Carolina, it’s extremely likely. News coming out of the insurance industry has exposed that you might have more difficulty with workers’ compensation […]

Does Your Work Environment Meet Basic Occupational Health Standards?

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Everyone puts up with something unpleasant at their workplace. So unless you have a dream job, it’s likely that you’re worried about your work environment in one way or another. But what should you do when your work environment doesn’t meet the basic needs of the staff? Employers will often work hard to barely meet […]

Man Injured In an Accident After Hitting a Dog

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A man from East Bend, North Carolina, was injured in an accident when his vehicle hit a dog that ran onto SR 1410 on Tuesday. The accident happened at about 3 p.m. near Mocksville, North Carolina. North Carolina State Highway Patrol reported that Thomas Reid Griffin was going north on SR 1410 when the dog, […]