Monroe Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

When a person is injured at their place of employment, they have the option to file a workers compensation claim. Doing so will allow them to take advantage of this insurance which is paid for and provided to employees of that company. After this is submitted, it will be evaluated, and eventually, you should be able to receive the medical treatment that you need that will be paid for through your company.

However, there are certain circumstances where the submission of your workers’ compensation claim may be disputed, at which point you will have to seek legal counsel. If you are facing difficulty with the Monroe workers’ compensation claims process, you should contact 1Charlotte as soon as possible so that our workers’ comp attorneys can help you.

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How To Definitively Know Your Workers Comp Claim Will Cover Your Injury?

When you file a workers comp claim, there are certain injuries that will be covered. These are typically based on the type of work that you are doing. This paperwork will be submitted to the NC Workers Compensation claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This must be done, regardless of whether or not your employer is offering to pay for your medical treatment.

It is also important to file this yourself. You may not be able to trust your employer to act expediently and file the claim for you. You will know in writing if your claim has been accepted, and if it is rejected, you can then file a request for a hearing with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

How Long Do You Have to File the Claim?

It is important to file your workers’ compensation claim immediately after the accident. This is because there are time requirements associated with when the injury occurred and how long you have taken to file the claim.

In the state of North Carolina, you have up to two years to file the claim, with the original date being the exact date of the accident. If you go beyond that two-year point, you will not be able to file the claim at all. Therefore, if you have been hesitant about filing one, you will need to do so as soon as possible.

How To File A Workers Compensation Claim In North Carolina

To file a Worker’s Compensation claim in North Carolina, you must use a very specific form. It is called Form 18, also known as a Notice of Accident form, which must be directly sent to the NC Industrial Commission. Once you have filed the claim, you will also need to provide a copy of this, sending it directly to your employer. It is important to be prompt in doing so. The sooner that you are able to file the claim, preferably directly after the incident, the higher the probability that the claim will be approved.

Attorney counseling injured man about Monroe workers' compensation claims process

Why It Is Advantageous To Contact An Attorney

It is important to contact an attorney if you are going to file Form 18. You need to do this properly the first time. It has to do with the wording that you will use on this document. North Carolina only covers injuries by accident, and therefore your depiction of how the accident occurred needs to be very specific.

An example of this would be trying to catch something falling, such as a box, and only stating that the injury occurred because of the box that was moving. The exact circumstances that led up to, and that ultimately cause the accident, are what needs to be presented on that document. If done properly, you will not have to be concerned about getting compensation for the injury that has occurred.

How Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Can Assist You

A workers compensation attorney can do far more than simply help you fill out this form. They can also address issues, such as being denied your worker’s compensation benefits.

If your benefits have been denied, you will then want to present all of this information to our attorneys in Monroe who are skilled at handling workers’ compensation claims. By providing them with all of your information, including an account of the incident, they can provide you with representation if you do request a hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Get Help With the Monroe Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Filing for workers comp in North Carolina is a very streamlined process. There is one form that you fill out, Form 18, and it must be submitted properly. You must account for the entire incident that led up to your accident, allowing those that are evaluating your workers’ comp claim to make the right decision. Unfortunately, there are many people that do this and are denied, and that is why legal counsel is so important.

Not only should you consult with an attorney prior to submitting one, but they can be very helpful in your appeal if you are requesting a hearing to address a workers’ compensation dispute. If you would like to speak with a Monroe personal injury lawyer about your workers’ compensation claim, you can contact our office today at 704.706.2689.

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