Are Injuries From Company Events Compensable in Charlotte?

Workers’ compensation insurance in Charlotte protects employees of a company from work-related injuries. So, if a worker suffers a wound, they can receive medical and other benefits. They can continue receiving comp benefits until they can work again. However, people often have a narrow view of job accidents. Many times, they restrict the concept to direct work accidents. Few people consider accident injuries sustained during company social events.

Indeed, work parties (fun days) are a great way to connect with your colleagues. However, you can suffer significant injuries during such parties. Therefore, it’s crucial to know whether you can claim workers’ comp benefits for such wounds. Fortunately, an experienced Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney can answer this question.

Company Social Events and Possible Accidents

A wide range of accidents can occur at company social events. The social activities in view include:

  • Christmas parties
  • End of year parties
  • Company Gala Nights
  • Award ceremonies
  • Picnics and employee-bonding events

All these seemingly harmless events can be significant threats to employee safety. So, workers can suffer from these:

  1. Slip and Falls: These events typically require you to mingle with the crowd. So, the chances are high that you could slip because of a spilled glass of wine. In addition, such falls could occur while dancing.
  2. Food Poisoning: At company fun days, employers will try their best to impress you. Their effort would include getting the best food services in town. However, even the best chefs can make an error with the food, resulting in food poisoning.
  3. Sports Injuries: Sports wounds are common at company picnics. Business owners often organize their staff into teams to compete in sports. The sport could be golf, basketball, or soccer. Whatever the game, you can get hurt during the competition.

Can I Recover Compensation for Injuries From Company Social Events?

An injury must have occurred in the course of employment to merit workers’ comp. So, the issue usually is how to classify social events as activities employees do as part of their job function. Fortunately, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has answered this question. They set out the conditions that transform work social and recreational events into activities that arise out of and in the course of employment. The factors include:

Did the Business Owner Finance the Event?

If your employer paid for the event, it makes it easier to recover compensation for any injuries. This is because hosting and paying for the event places more responsibility on your employer. In addition, the extent of the financing is a further significant factor.

Was Attendance Voluntary or Compulsory?

If attendance was mandatory, you might successfully claim that that was a job-related activity. Consequently, workers’ comp should cover your injuries. However, if attendance was optional, it means that you chose to attend. Therefore, arguing for comp benefits will be challenging.

Was There Any Encouragement for Employees to Attend the Event?

Whether your employer did anything to encourage attendance at the event is a significant factor too. Examples of motivation include:

  • Taking a record of employees in attendance
  • Having absent workers work instead of attending the event
  • Paying employees to attend
  • Attendance is a known company custom

Did the Employer Tangibly Benefit From the Event?

If the company benefited from the social event, then it may be defined as a work activity. The company’s benefit here must be tangible. For instance, it could be that the employees had to provide company for the clients. Furthermore, it might also be that the company used the opportunity to make speeches and give awards.

Another crucial factor is whether employees regarded the event as an employment benefit they were entitled to. Finally, where and when the social event occurred can help or mar your case. The question would be whether the company held the activity on the company premises. In addition, was the event during work hours? So, if the event was during work hours, you can easily argue that it was a company event which employees had to attend.

Injured at a Work Social Event? We Can Get You Compensation!

Have you sustained an injury on your company’s fun day? If yes, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. You typically don’t need an attorney to claim workers’ comp. However, you need the best Charlotte workers’ comp lawyers if you sustained your injuries at a social event.

You require a lawyer because you need a lot of skill and tact to successfully argue that your injury was in the course of employment. Fortunately, our lawyers have handled more complex issues. So, we’re confident of winning fun day-related work comp claims too. Therefore, it’ll be best to talk to us about that injury today.