Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Planning on filing Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes? Work-related injuries can put your financial future at risk, disrupting your life and interfering with your plans. North Carolina law protects injured workers. However, some insurance companies and employers can unjustly deny valid claims for benefits. So, they do not give the injured workers money to pay for their medical bills or monthly expenses.

If you are in this situation in Charlotte, we highly encourage you to hire our Charlotte workers’ compensation dispute lawyers. Our lawyers will gather medical records and medical evidence, perform legal research, conduct discovery, and take depositions of other parties, including medical experts, physicians, and the claimant.

At 1Charlotte, we will carefully review your case to know if we can appeal a denial of benefits. We will not charge you upfront fees or for an initial consultation. We will fight for you if you suspect your employer is not willing to pay. Contact us today at (704) 706-2689 for a risk-free consultation.

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Causes of Workers’ Compensation Disputes

A worker can claim compensation for medical expenses and loss of wages and disability benefits, but the employer can dispute the worker’s compensation claim. There are several reasons employers can dispute or deny the claim. Here are the causes of Charlotte workers’ compensation disputes:

Employment Status

Some employees may wait until they get fired or laid off to file a workers’ compensation claim. Insurance companies hate when employees wait until they get fired or laid to file a claim. They assume the employee is seeking revenge. If you are legitimately injured at work, file a workers’ compensation claim immediately.


The employer may accept that the employee is injured. However, they dispute the workers’ compensation claim because of the location that the injury took place. If the injury did not take place in their regular place of work, it makes it hard to prove the eligibility of workers’ comp benefits.

Missed Deadline

Insurance companies do not like when employees do not report the accident immediately. The law requires you to report work-related accidents within a short time. Do miss the deadline. You must report a work-related accident immediately to your supervisor. Also, make sure you fill out an accident report.

No Witnesses

If there are no witnesses, the insurance company or your employer can dispute your workers’ compensation claim. If no one witnessed your accident, you can do nothing about it. You need to report the accident to your supervisors and tell your co-workers about the accident. Tell everyone the same thing.

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What to Do if Your Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied in North Carolina

Insurance companies and employers deny workers’ compensations for various reasons. If your employer denies your workers’ comp claim, it does not mean you will not be able to obtain benefits. There are several appeal options in the state of North Carolina.

Once your claim is denied, the NCIC will notify you within 14 days. Once you receive your denial, you have 14 days from that date to file a Charlotte workers’ compensation disputes appeal with the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The NCIC schedules a mediation conference, where you and the insurance representative of your employer will discuss your case with an independent mediator.

We highly recommend you call our workers’ compensation dispute lawyers once you get a notice that your claim has been denied. We will discuss your legal options. Do not go through the process of filing an appeal with NCIC alone. We will help you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the complex process.

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Types of Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes

It is certain for employers and employees to disagree with any workers’ compensation claims. That is why disputes are common in workers’ compensation claims. Here are the two most common types of Charlotte workers’ compensation disputes.

Medical Disputes

They involve medical facts and opinions related to the treatment of the injured employee. The outcome of the dispute not only depends on hiring the right lawyer. It also depends on the medical professional’s willingness to fight for the treatment of the injured worker.

Here are some examples of medical disputes; denied medical supplies, denied services, denied therapy, and denied surgery.

Claim Disputes

Workers’ compensation dispute lawyers are more helpful in Charlotte workers’ compensation disputes. Here are some examples of claim disputes:

  • The Extent of the Injury – whether or not the work-related injuries include the other parts of the body or health of the employee.
  • Average Weekly Wage – disagreements on the amount of money the employee should receive while they are on workers’ comp.
  • Disability – whether or not the employee suffered a loss of income because of the work-related injuries.
  • Compensability – whether or not the work-related injuries meet the requirements to be eligible for coverage.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Disputes can arise between the employer and employee regarding a workers’ comp claim. Employers can dispute the employee’s eligibility for compensation or they can disagree with the medical professional on the extent of the employee’s injuries. We recommend you hire an experienced and skillful lawyer if your employer disputes or denies your claim.

Hire the best workers’ compensation dispute lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina to guide you through every step. Your lawyer will not let your employer’s insurance company bully you. Your lawyer will investigate your injury, help you get medical care, and handle your appeals.

At 1Charlotte, we will fight for you. We understand that work-related injuries can burden you financially. We will complete the necessary paperwork properly and ensure you meet all the necessary deadlines. We will also help you appeal your denied workers’ compensation claim. So, contact us today for a free case evaluation to discuss your Charlotte workers’ compensation disputes.

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