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Reporting a work injury in Charlotte? Charlotte is one of the Tarheel State’s biggest employment centers. Just under a million people work inside the city limits in a city known as a national financial hub, consistently in the top three. Office accidents can happen all the time, but there are also strong sectors for health care, transportation, education, retail, and construction. The upside is that jobs abound, but the downside is that the potential for work injuries is also very prevalent.

If you fall victim to such a matter, then you need to know the benefits of reporting a work injury in Charlotte. Failing to do so can mean you won’t get any benefits or compensation at all. Reporting it but reporting it incorrectly can put you at risk for losing anything you might be entitled to. When done right, you can get financial compensation or benefits that help restore lost income and pay your medical bills while you recover.

Do everything you can to file right away and correctly. Given the potential seriousness of the situation, it’s smart to at least consult a Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney about reporting your work injury.

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How Long Do I Have In Reporting A Workplace Injury In Charlotte North Carolina?

Once the workplace injury happens, you’re on a clock. You have 30 days to report the injury. Reporting a work injury in Charlotte right away is imperative.

It is theoretically possible to report it after 30 days, but then you’ll have wasted part of your eligibility period for benefits, meaning you won’t get nearly as much as you could have.

For that matter, reporting a work injury in Charlotte after 30 days also makes it much easier for your employer or even other relevant parties to simply dismiss your claim, leaving you with no benefits or recourse.

The best idea is to report your injury as soon as you possibly can. The sooner you do it, the more likely it is you are to get approved for something. For that matter, even if you face resistance, the sooner you report your injury and get a Charlotte workplace injury attorney at your side, the sooner they can start building up your case while minimizing the defense of the employer.

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Who do I Have To Report A Workplace Injury To?

Initially, when reporting a work injury in Charlotte to your immediate supervisor at your place of employment. Further on in the process, you’ll also inform other parties.

Employer Responsibilities After A Workplace Injury

Once your employer is made aware of your injury, they should help you (if necessary) seek first aid and medical attention to ensure your health and wellness. They should also document the incident and launch an internal investigation into what happened.

Employee Responsibility After A Workplace Injury

Your responsibilities start with informing your immediate supervisor of your accident or injury and seeking medical attention. When seeing your doctor, make sure you know it was a workplace accident. Also, tell them who your employer is and where it happened. They need to document this in their own records and reporting as a potential workers’ compensation case.

You’ll have to notify your employer again, this time formally. It might be your supervisor this time, though, as you need to report to the right authority within your company or place of employment. In many cases, this would be human resources. Do this report in person if you can, but if you can’t make it there because of your injuries, send a friend, relative, or even attorney that you trust.

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Follow that up with a written notice that you keep a copy of. Again, if you can’t write it or present it yourself, you are afforded legal rights to use friends, family, or legal representatives.

Make sure you follow all of your doctor’s directions and instructions. Failing to do so, even in the slightest, can create an opening for the defense of your employer or their insurance and lawyers. It’s important not to hurt yourself when you’re already hurt.

Whether it’s falling off of a poorly maintained forklift or slipping and falling in an office bathroom that didn’t have wet floor signs up, you can get injured even in seemingly safe places in the many jobs and professions that the Queen City has to offer. Injuries might not seem like a big deal at first, but some don’t really show how bad they are right away. Don’t wait a month to find out you’re going to be missing income while passing up your chance to get some of it back through compensation, it’s important to be reporting a work injury in Charlotte as soon as possible.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to learn or exercise your legal rights by yourself. Have a lawyer help you protect yourself.

The Queen City has quite a few different job opportunities available, but you can get hurt doing any of them. To make sure you are reporting a work injury in Charlotte properly, consult one of our attorneys at 1Charlotte right away.

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