Does Your Work Environment Meet Basic Occupational Health Standards?

Lawyers meeting with a client.

Everyone puts up with something unpleasant at their workplace. So unless you have a dream job, it’s likely that you’re worried about your work environment in one way or another. But what should you do when your work environment doesn’t meet the basic needs of the staff? Employers will often work hard to barely meet […]

Can State Employees Receive Workers Compensation Benefits in North Carolina?

A state employee that has been injured on a work site.

As a State employee, you may feel compelled to uphold your loyalty to your department. It’s no secret that State employees are often pushed to resolve issues internally, and to generally keep things quiet. But what happens when you’re hurt on the job, and you need to do something about it for yourself or your […]

Who is Responsible for Providing Anti-Slip Shoes?

Anti-Slip Shoes

The first time most people are told that they’ll need special non-slip or anti-slip shoes for their workplace, there’s a bit of skepticism. From restaurant work to salons, you’ll find that the slip hazards are daily and very real. Without proper footwear, anyone walking through a workspace could slip, fall, and ultimately injure themselves pretty […]

Car Accident FAQs

car accident scene

North Carolina Car Wreck FAQs Many car accident victims have a number of questions in the aftermath of their wreck, and may not know where to turn for help. If you have been involved in a car accident in Charlotte, consider the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed by victims […]