North Carolina’s Highest Risk Jobs and Injuries

Some jobs involve sitting behind a desk, and others involve walking across red iron steel hundreds of feet in the air. Clearly, one is a higher risk, but you might not expect truck driving to be a high-risk position, or working with the city as an animal control agent. The thing is that the highest risk jobs are often unexpected. You can learn more here about North Carolina’s highest risk jobs and the injuries that these employees are likely to face on the job. If you’ve been injured at work, contact an experienced Charlotte workers’ comp attorney for help.

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Injuries

Workers’ compensation extends to most people who drive for their profession. While Uber and other rideshare apps don’t extend workers’ comp because their drivers are independent contractors, taxi services are a little different. Taxi drivers, truck drivers, and even messengers that work for a delivery service and use their motorcycles are all drivers that can get hurt on the job.

On the job injuries that take place behind the wheel or the handlebars, is an issue that appears more often than you might imagine. In fact, transportation is one of the highest risk industries in the U.S., and it’s thriving in North Carolina.

When taxi drivers, truck drivers, and messengers are hurt on the job, the worker’s compensation can get a little complicated. It’s likely that these injured workers will have to have multiple open insurance claims through workers’ compensation and their company’s auto insurance. If you’re concerned about how to handle your worker’s compensation claim, then get in touch with an attorney that’s proper for your case.

An injury in the workplace may mean that you were hurt in a company car or even a vehicle that you co-own with the employer. You must take control of your workers’ comp claim in North Carolina, especially if it seems as though you’ll have no chance to do so later. Getting an attorney for workers’ compensation in North Carolina involved right out of the gate is fairly important when you’re a driver by profession.

Animal Attacks

Forestry and fishing are two of the higher risk industries, and it’s often because of the animals involved. Now, many of the injuries happen because of the equipment used to detain or lure animals. When it comes to animals and the people handling them you there are simply too many elements that are unpredictable.

Animal attacks can also happen to electricians, HVAC techs, animal control, and virtually anyone who works in or around houses. Some unsuspecting repairman can climb into an attic to find a family of opossums facing them waiting to attack. These animal attacks can happen at any time and in nearly any place. Large rodents and animals that carry diseases such as rabies are present throughout North Carolina.

Animal attack injuries can include lacerations, scratches, long-term fear, as well as any variety of diseases. An animal attack can even include disfigurements. When the animal attack involves poisonous animals, there’s the risk of death, losing limbs, and severe long-term damage to your vital organs.

Recovering from an animal attack can also include PTSD and other trauma-related mental health concerns.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are not only among the top injuries that workers experience, but they’re also among the costliest. Construction accidents often include slip and fall but can include any variety of injuries that involves the tools and equipment used in their daily work.

When working on a construction site, the employees are all expected to follow basic safety procedures. Now, not following safety standards can lead to issues with a worker’s compensation claim because it may show negligence. Then you can work with your workers’ compensation attorney to build up a case for you if the basic safety standards weren’t available or accessible.

Often, workers’ compensation claims site negligence or carelessness. However, what is usually the case is that you’re were not given the proper safety equipment, or it wasn’t available when you were injured.

With Any Of These, You Should Consult With A Charlotte Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When you get hurt at work, contact a Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney at Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. High-risk jobs don’t mean that you shouldn’t or can’t file for worker’s compensation if anything that you have pain in over the years should definitely cover your time away from work and your injuries.

High-risk jobs do call for certain attention to safety, and it’s possible that your employer will fight the claim. Getting a Charlotte workers’ comp law firm involved early into your claim can help you find a clean and quick resolution.