How Long Can You Receive Workers Compensation Benefits

Is workers’ compensation like disability where there’s a running timer once you start receiving benefits? How long should it take to receive workers’ comp benefits? How long might you have to wait for payment? These questions about the time frames that apply to workers’ compensation are a little difficult to handle and sort through because it’s a privatized insurance that governments require.

The solution to your injuries and handling compensation through workers’ compensation is not an easy path. It’s always rough with workers’ comp because you don’t know how long you’ll be out of work, or if you’ll be able to return. It’s a serious struggle and to not know how long you’ll have benefits is just as concerning. Contact our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers today.

Statute of Limitations

When it comes to filing your claim, you’ll want to make sure that everything is in place. For example, something that gets pushed off is the medical fees. Unfortunately, if you don’t take care of this within that two-year window, the North Carolina Industrial Commission can’t help you.

The statute of limitations is put into place so that people can’t show up decades after an accident and claim that their employer owes them tons. The theory is that not only do employees need protection, but employers do too. It is hard for states to know where to draw the line. So across the board, you’ll see that most states have a two-year statute on workers’ compensation claims, with some states letting it run to four years.

However, you may have bigger issues with your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance provider. They may have very strict requirements for proper reporting and time frames. Just like car insurance, there is a small window in which you must report the injury. Otherwise, you might forfeit coverage. But unlike car insurance, you’re not the one that chose the policy or provider, so it’s more complex than it first seems.

Waiting Time Limits

According to the state of North Carolina, you should receive a payment within ten days of your employer receiving the Order. That Order, if not dispersed within the given time frame, then all worker’s compensation payments could undergo 10% late fine.

Waiting for time limits on worker’s compensation is just covering how quickly an employer must disperse funds to you for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give a lot of insight into how long you can stay on workers’ comp.

Clarifications on How Workers’ Compensation Works

In North Carolina, workers’ compensation does not cover lost time at work. It only covers the medical expenses and damages from an on-the-job injury. In fact, North Carolina worker’s comp is so restrictive that repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel and disc stress are difficult to get coverage for without a fight.

Basically, it’s not worth staying on worker’s compensation for as long as you can because you don’t have an income. You don’t have something that clearly states you’ll get paid; you only know that your medical bills will get paid. So your rent or mortgage, the food in your pantry, and everything else is up in the air while you’re out of work.

When Should You Transition to Disability?

Because workers’ compensation in North Carolina doesn’t cover lost wages, these victims do have access to disability. Where SSDI would normally require the person to have at least 12 months of anticipated time out of work, disability allows for employees injured to receive benefits right away. Those benefits can be partial or total, and they are likely temporary.

However, if your injury was so severe that it had put you on permanent disability, you might consider taking your worker’s comp claim further. Filing a lawsuit against your employer may be the next step. It’s all something you would want to talk with your workers’ comp attorney with before you make any massive decisions.

Will A North Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney Help You?

North Carolina does have specific laws to protect employees who are hurt when they’re working. Then you have issues in that you have this overwhelming uncertainty with your income. Unfortunately, you can’t live on worker’s compensation forever. In fact, it’s likely that they’ll try to cut you off as quickly as possible, and you may need to go to a more reliable resource for ongoing income.

Contact North Carolina’s Workers Compensation Lawyer to navigate this difficult time. We understand that this is frustrating and difficult to understand, but we can help you manage it. Call our offices to get together a meeting and talk through your workers’ comp situation.