Pedestrian Injured in a Hit-and-run Accident in Davidson County

North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a hit-and-run accident that happened in Davidson County on Friday morning.
A woman was injured in the accident.

According to the investigation, the hit-and-run involved two vehicles that were driving north on Old U.S. 52, north of Follansbee Road.

Highway patrol informed that a person driving a Dodge Charger hit a white van forcing the Dodge Charger to run off the road and hit a woman who was walking. According to the officials, the suspect immediately fled the scene after hitting the woman. Investigators reported the woman was transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment of her injuries.

Highway patrol believes that the suspect’s car may have had a Florida registration plate with damage to the left front of the vehicle. North Carolina Highway Patrol asks anyone with information to call at: (336) 481-0025. Nobody expects to be involved in an accident when they leave the house, but such things happen anyway. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable in such situations. They don’t have any protection and often end up having severe injuries.

Even though pedestrians can be at fault for causing accidents, they can still seek damages for their injuries because of their vulnerability on the road. Hit-and-run accidents can be quite tricky when it comes to seeking damages. But, if the police find the liable driver, the victim can file a lawsuit and seek compensation claims for their injuries.

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