How To Win a Workers’ Compensation Case in North Carolina

When an individual gets hurt while working, the injury can have immediate and long-term effects on them. These effects can be very distressing. On-the-job injuries affect the physical, financial, emotional, and even psychological aspects of the individual’s life.

It is for these reasons that workers’ compensation insurance exists. Workers’ compensation benefits come in different types in North Carolina. Some of them include lost wages, medical treatment, death benefits, and disability benefits.

Employers and insurance companies are always standing in the way of injured employees hoping to get their compensations. Because of this, you need a North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer who will help you with your claim.

The process of winning a workers’ compensation case can be a very difficult one, but it is not impossible. This article will give you tips to adopt if you hope to win your workers’ compensation case.

Tips to Win a Workers’ Compensation Case in North Carolina 

As mentioned in the introduction, winning a workers’ compensation case is complicated. These five tips we have provided you with are sure to work for you when you file your workers’ compensation claim.

  • File Your Claim on Time

After you are hurt while on the job, you must file your claim as soon as possible. Before filing your request, you need to immediately report your work injury to your employer. North Carolina has a 2-year time limit for making your workers’ comp claim.

But, because of the complexities and amount of time it takes to negotiate a settlement, it is advisable to report your injury as soon as you can. While filing your claim, you have to avoid making unnecessary errors, which can jeopardize your claim. A Charlotte workers’ comp lawyer can help.

  • Have the Appropriate Documentation 

It is crucial to keep detailed records and documentation of your injury and claim. You should preserve paperwork containing every detail concerning your workers’ compensation claim. This paperwork includes documents like medical reports, letters from your employer or the insurance company, forms you have filled, etc.

All these documents are very crucial in getting your workers’ compensation settlement. Also, in describing how you came about the injury, you have to be as detailed as possible. It would help your case.

  • Get Medical Help

Delaying in getting medical care after your on-the-job injury could worsen your injury or illness. If you do not get medical treatment shortly after the injury, your employer might make a case against you. They will state that since you did not seek medical care, the damage was not severe.

Getting medical help will be very helpful in making your case favorable. When you get to the hospital, explain to the doctor that it is a workplace injury. They will then give you documentation that will help your case later on. A Charlotte workers’ comp attorney can explain better.

  • Gather Adequate Evidence and Witness Statements

Collation of evidence can be very useful in ensuring you win your workers’ comp case. Evidence like photos and recording of critical dates or phone calls can be convenient in your case.

Some workplaces have security cameras. These cameras could have recordings of the day you got the injury; footage like this can be beneficial. You can also get statements from witnesses who were at the scene of your injury. Hand them over to your North Carolina workers’ comp attorney.

It is essential to ensure that the comments you get from your witnesses are written and not verbal. This is because the human memory could fail over time, making them change their statements. Written statements are more concrete.

  • Ensure You Are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

If you file for a workers’ compensation claim and it turns out you are not eligible, the court might deny your claim. So, before you pursue your request, you should ensure you can file for compensation. These are some of the requirements for workers’ comp in North Carolina. You have to:

  • Be employed by an employer who provides workers’ compensation for their workers.
  • Have an injury or illness that you got while you were working.
  • Ensure that the state’s workers’ compensation covers the injury you sustained.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in North Carolina Can Help You Win Your Case

One of the surest ways you can win your workers’ compensation case is to get an experienced attorney on your side. A qualified North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney will help you choose the best strategy to employ that can help you with your claim.  We will handle all the legal responsibilities concerning your claim while you focus on recovering. Schedule a free consultation with us today.