Worker’s Compensation Claim: How Common Are Workplace Accidents?

Most people make it through their entire careers without ever needing to file a worker’s compensation claim. If you’re one of those people, you will probably never meet one of our workers’ comp lawyers in Charlotte. If, however, you work in an industry where the chances of getting hurt are high, you may need our services sooner than you think.

Here, we will talk about how common workplace accidents are. We will also explain how expensive it is for employers and their insurance companies to pay workers’ compensation claims.

If you have any questions about your own workers’ compensation claim, contact our office directly. We offer new clients a free, initial consultation. This gives you a chance to sit down with a seasoned workers comp lawyer in Charlotte and explain what happened. We can answer any questions you may have and give you an idea of how best to proceed.

Close to 3 Million People Are Injured at Work Every Year

Believe it or not, close to three million people get hurt at work in the U.S. every year. This works out to be almost three people for every one hundred employees. If you work at a large company, you can look around and envision just how many of your coworkers will end up needing to file a workers’ compensation claim.

If you’re one of the unfortunate 3%, it’s good to know that there are workers comp lawyers in Charlotte there to help.

The Cost of Worker’s Compensation Claims Is Close to $200 Billion Per Year

When your workers’ comp lawyer in Charlotte fights to get you benefits, all you can think about are your medical bills and lost wages. Even if you make over a hundred thousand dollars a year, the most you can receive on workers comp in North Carolina is $1,254.

Since you only get 2/3 of your average weekly wages while on workers comp, anybody who makes more than $1,856 per week. This doesn’t sound like a lot of money. However, when you consider that almost three million people file a workers’ compensation claim every year, this adds up.

In 2019, workers’ compensation claims in the United States cost $171 billion. This is a lot more than the GDP of a small nation. These costs include the following:

  • Administrative expenses
  • Wages paid out to claimants
  • Lost wages and productivity on the part of employers
  • Medical bills
  • Settlement monies paid out for workers’ compensation claims
  • Insurance premiums
  • Damage to equipment, furniture, and materials

When you consider all of these expenses, it isn’t all that surprising that it costs more than $171 billion every year.

A worker's compensation claim form and pen

Certain Industries See More Worker’s Compensation Claims Than Others

Whether or not you’ll ever need to file a worker’s compensation claim depends on the kind of work you do. Certain industries are a lot more dangerous than others. In the experience of our workers comp lawyers in Charlotte, the following industries seem to suffer the greatest losses due to workplace accidents and injuries:

  • Construction
  • Oil and gas workers
  • Longshore fisherman
  • Electricians
  • Commercial drivers
  • Warehouse and factory workers
  • Retail workers
  • Food service workers

If you work in any of these business sectors, there’s a greater chance that you’ll suffer a workplace injury. If that happens, you can always call one of our workers’ comp lawyers in Charlotte for help.

Your Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Charlotte Is Familiar with the Most Common Type of Workplace Accidents

Just as there are certain jobs that are more prone to workplace injuries, there are also certain types of accidents that are more common. Many of the close to three million workers’ compensation claims filed every year are due to the following types of accidents:

  • Slip and falls
  • Equipment failures and defective equipment
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Overexertion

These accidents tend to cause more serious injuries than others. For example, if you work in construction and fall from a piece of scaffolding, you could end up paralyzed. Or, if you work as a tractor-trailer driver, you could end up in a terrible traffic accident. This could leave you with serious neck and back injuries. You may even suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Any of these accidents can be the subject of a worker’s compensation claim.

Reach Out to One of Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Charlotte if You Suffer a Workplace Injury

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, there’s a good chance you’ll be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Of course, there’s always the chance that your claim could be denied. If this is the case, you should contact our office right away. Sometimes, having a worker’s comp lawyer in Charlotte can make the difference between having your claim approved or denied.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of workers’ compensation claims over the years. Some were for people who only suffered mild injuries. Others involved workers who ended up disabled as a result of their workplace accidents. Regardless of how serious your injuries were, you deserve to have a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer in Charlotte help you with your case.

If you’re lucky, your claim will be approved and you’ll start to receive your benefits within a couple of weeks. If, however, your claim is denied, you’re going to have to file an appeal. And, if this doesn’t work, your workers’ comp lawyer in Charlotte may need to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

For now, it’s a good idea to call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation. We like to meet with a client before we decide whether we can handle their case. If your workers’ compensation claim was denied for a legitimate reason, there may not be much we can do. However, if it appears that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, we’ll help you get them.

Call today and schedule a date and time that works for you to come into the office.