Workers’ Compensation: Most Common Reasons for Needing It

It is very overwhelming for a person who goes through a workplace injury all of a sudden. It can completely disrupt a worker’s life. When your family is financially dependent on you and you go through a workplace injury, it can be shattering for each family member. If you cannot work due to your injury, it becomes tough to afford basic needs like food, shelter, daily expenses, and medical bills.

If you are experiencing a workplace injury, you will need Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys to assist you in the best way possible. Our legal team understands the workers’ compensation laws of North Carolina and can help you through the claims process.

What Is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is an insurance program for the employees who go through accidents at the workplace. This insurance enables workers to pay for their medical rehabilitation and gives income benefits to injured employees on the job. The money is meant to help the employee while they are recovering and cannot work.

The benefits also enable the employee to continue to provide for their family if the employee dies due to a job-related injury. If you live in North Carolina, Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys can guide you in getting your compensation money.

5 Common Reasons for Worker’s Compensation Claims:

Most Charlotte employees assume that their workplace provides a relatively safe environment for their workers. However, accidents can occur anywhere, even inside a building. Some common reasons for workers’ compensation claims are as follows:

Strain and Sprains:

For workers, by far the most common on-the-job injury is strains and sprains. Carrying or handling materials causes strains and sprains. Research says that in the United States, every year, 1.5 million workers make workers’ compensation claims for sprains and strains. In fact, 30% of workers’ compensation claims are for strains and sprains that happen on the job.

Cuts and Punctures:

Usually, sharp tools or standard office equipment cause cuts and punctures. Moreover, sharp edges, altered equipment, glass, knives, box cutters, and unsafe flooring can cause scratches and holes. You get cuts and punctures on your fingers and hands most of the time. Unluckily, many workers cannot continue working when their hands are injured because they cannot type, drive, or hold objects.

Eye Injuries and Hearing Loss:

The most common workplace injuries depend on the type of business and the industry.  For instance, sprains and strains are the most common injuries for all industries except small companies. However, cuts and punctures for small businesses are the most recurrent reasons for workplace injury, followed by sprains and strains.

In the manufacturing and construction industries, eye injuries are a common reason for workers’ compensation claims. Workers that are exposed to a lot of loud noises may suffer occupational hearing loss. If you are exposed to dangerous noise levels at work and are not provided adequate protective equipment, you can claim workers’ compensation.

work-related injury


There can be an incident at the workplace that can lead to a fracture from any employee. Fractures occur when bones break or split, and it takes a good amount of time for your bones to recover.

Moreover, compound fracture might necessitate many surgeries and comprehensive therapy for the bones to sit properly. Fractures can occur in many areas of the body, such as ribs, arms, legs, skulls, etc.

Repetitive Stress Injuries:

Some workers’ compensation injuries are not instantly apparent. These injuries happen over time and do not occur based on one traumatic event; These disorders are also known as overuse injuries.

The following types of overuse injuries are prevalent and can happen in any workplace:

  • Tendonitis
  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Nerve damage
  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Back pain
  • Herniated disks
  • Sciatica

How Workers’ Compensation Aids You:

Workers’ compensation protects companies from costly and time-consuming lawsuits after an accident at the workplace. It also covers medical treatment for injured workers and allows them to recover a percentage of their lost wages.

Before workers’ compensation laws, employees could face financial ruin due to injuries. They often ended up in court—this cost businesses millions and wasted valuable time that could have been spent building successful businesses.

Now employees can file reports directly with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and insurance companies pay the unexpected costs, not the employers. Moreover, you can hire Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys if the insurance company denies your claim.

How Charlotte Worker’s Compensation Attorneys Can Help You:

If you suffer from a workplace injury, you are eligible for workers’ compensation for your injuries. In most cases, insurance companies try their best to deny the compensation claims. So you can contact our experienced Charlotte personal injury attorneys, who will help you fight for your rights. Schedule your consultation today and learn how we can assist you.