Common Causes of Workplace Injuries in North Carolina Businesses

Workplace injuries can happen at any time and to anyone. On-the-job injuries and accidents are traumatic experiences that no one wishes on themselves. In addition, these accidents and injuries have severe financial consequences on the employer, employee, and even the business.

Familiarizing yourself with the causes of workplace accidents would help you know how to avoid them. In the same vein, it would allow employers to understand how to prevent them from being present in their businesses. So, in this article, we would be discussing nine causes of workplace injuries in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act makes it compulsory for all businesses with three or more workers to get workers’ compensation insurance. Therefore, after sustaining a workplace injury, you need to contact a North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer to help you file your claim.

Nine Causes of Workplace Injuries in North Carolina

These nine causes of workplace injuries are the most common in North Carolina businesses. Therefore, if you hope to avoid workplace accidents and the resulting injuries, you need to note them.

  • Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is a significant cause of trips and falls at workplaces. If the area you are operating in is not well-lighted, you might find it challenging to avoid dangers and hazards on the way. Also, poor lighting can cause strain on the eyes and other eye discomforts.

  • Wet and Slippery Floors

Slippery and wet floors cause workers to slip and fall. Injuries gotten from slipping and falling include broken or fractured bones, cuts, scrapes, etc. Also, a combination of improper footwear and slick floors can cause severe damages to workers. Employees not paying heed to wet floor signs can stand against them when filing their workers’ comp claim.

  • Lifting 

The lifting of heavy objects could cause injuries to workers. For example, back injuries, muscle strains, etc., are injuries people could get from lifting heavy items. So, to eliminate such injuries, employees should endeavor to get a helping hand when lifting. Workers should also use machines to transport their bulky items.

  • Inexperience

Failure to properly get training as an employee before starting a task or duty could result in you getting injured on the job. Also, not preparing for possible emergencies,  for example, fire drills, could lead to chaotic situations that might cause accidents resulting in injuries.

  • Stress and Fatigue

When workers experience stress or fatigue, they are more likely to have accidents while working. If workers do not rest after grueling labor, they will face dangers like falling from heights, fainting, exhaustion, etc. Stress and fatigue can also lead to the death of a worker. Therefore, you should try as hard as you can to take breaks between your work.

  • Taking Shortcuts

In a bid to complete their tasks on time, most workers decide to take shortcuts. But there are times these time savers or shortcuts could endanger the safety of workers. So, you should avoid those shortcuts that would threaten your safety and security.

  • Ignoring Safety Procedures

When a business intentionally fails to observe laid down safety policies and procedures, the employees’ lives are in danger. Also, some workers do not follow the rules that their employers put in place concerning safety. As a result, such workers end up becoming victims of workplace injuries.

  • Hazardous Materials

Exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos brings about workplace injuries to employees in such industries. In addition, these dangerous materials could have adverse effects on workers’ health. Therefore, it is essential for workers who handle hazardous materials to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Workplace Violence  

Violence among coworkers has become commonplace. Violence could come as a result of conflicts and arguments on issues like politics and other topics that are sensitive. When there is conflict in the business, employees should use the conflict resolution programs established in the workplace.

Get a Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Lawyer on Your Case Today!

We have said a lot about the causes of workplace injuries. However, there are times that even after being extra careful, you still get injured while on the job. When this is the case, you need a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney who will help you file your workers’ compensation claim.

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