How to Find the Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Work-related injuries are pretty common, and they can also be severe. In 2019, more than five thousand employees died from work-related injuries. If you are involved in a work-related accident, you will want to find a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney to represent you. This article helps you figure out how to find the right workers’ comp attorney. If you have more questions, contact our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers.

8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Before you choose a workers’ comp attorney, you should ask the following questions:

  • What Is Your Success Rate Settling Workers’ Compensation Cases?

You need to know how much success the law firm and the lawyer you are hiring have in similar cases. You want to see if they are capable of handling your case. A good Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer will be ready for this question and give you an estimate that you can verify. Of course, a high success rate signifies that they know what they are doing and gives you confidence in their abilities.

  • What Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

This is probably one of your most pressing questions, so you might as well get it out of the way fast. Any attorney worth their salt will explain to you that charges are on a contingency fee basis. As such, you will not need to pay any amount upfront for them to handle your claim. When you receive financial compensation for your injuries, they will receive their percentage from that payment.

  • What Amount of Benefits Do I Qualify For? 

While you’re still on the money conversations, it is also a good idea to ask what amount of benefits you qualify for. Seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys in Charlotte, NC, will be able to give you an estimate of how much you are entitled to based on the peculiarities of your case. For example, depending on your sustained injuries, you may be eligible for temporary or permanent disability benefits, compensation for pain and suffering, etc.

  • How Long Do I Have to File My Workers’ Comp Claim?

In Charlotte, you have up to two years to file your workers’ comp claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This starts counting from the day your accident occurred. You should not confuse this with the time it takes to report the accident to your employer — within 30 days from the date of the accident. The right workers’ comp attorney in Charlotte, NC, will be able to recommend how to file your claim within the stipulated time and advise you on how to make the process easier.

  • How Often Do You Take Cases to a Hearing or Trial?

For every workers’ comp claim, the ultimate goal is to settle and get the compensation you deserve. However, sometimes, the case might not be as clear-cut, and you may need to go to trial. The right Charlotte workers’ comp lawyer will be ready to do all they can to negotiate during the settlement phase. However, if you do not reach a favorable settlement, they must be willing and capable of taking your case to trial and win.

  • Have You Represented Clients With Similar Injuries as Mine? 

Although each workers’ compensation case is unique, you might want to find out if your lawyer has represented clients with cases similar to yours. If they have, then you can trust them to handle yours properly. If they have not, you need to get assurance that they have the required expertise to handle yours.

  • Can I Sue My Employer?

If the workplace injury was avoidable or due to your employer’s negligence, you might want to sue your employer for the damages. However, when you initiate a workers’ comp claim, you cannot sue your employer. If there were a third party involved in the accident, you might be able to sue such a party. This is something you can discuss with your workers’ compensation attorney in Charlotte, NC, to receive guidance on the best steps to take.

  • When Can I Receive My Compensation?

Of course, it is only standard that you want to know when the process will be over and receive the benefits you deserve. A good lawyer will evaluate all the details of your case, your employer’s and the insurance company’s track record, the details of your injury, etc. They will then give you a timeline based on these details.

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