Charlotte Workers Comp Attorney: Employee Mistakes

When a Charlotte workers comp attorney first meets with a new client, they have a ton of questions. They want to know how long it will take before you start receiving benefits. You’ll wonder how long you will be out of work. What you don’t realize is that the most important question you can ask is what not to do in the days following your workplace accident.

Our injury lawyers in Charlotte understand that you’re afraid and worried about what will happen to you. You’re also afraid that your employer will deny your claim and you’ll have no way to pay for medical care. This is why we suggest you meet with a Charlotte workers’ comp attorney sooner rather than later.

Here, we will talk about the things you shouldn’t do after your workplace accident. We will highlight some of the biggest mistakes clients have made in the past. Finally, we’ll explain how you can avoid making these same mistakes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your own workers’ compensation case, feel free to contact us directly. You can call and schedule your free, initial consultation over the phone or through our website.

Make Sure You Seek Medical Attention Immediately – No Matter What

Some workplace accidents are minor. You end up with a few bumps and bruises. You tell your manager that you’re fine and that you don’t need medical care. The problem with this is that you have no idea whether you’re seriously injured or not.

You need to be checked out by a doctor who can run the necessary diagnostic tests. You may end up feeling terrible a day or two after your accident. By then, it may be too late to prove that your injuries were caused by your workplace accident. In fact, your employer will try to say that something other than your workplace accident caused your injuries.

Do Not Talk About Your Workplace Accident with Anyone but Your Injury Lawyer in Charlotte

When you first report your workplace accident, your manager will ask you what happened. They will grill you to find out exactly what caused your injuries. It will feel natural to want to talk about your accident, especially with your manager or human resources. However, you may end up saying something that will hurt your claim.

We always suggest that you not talk about your accident to anybody until after you’ve met with your Charlotte workers comp attorney. After that, your employer and the insurance adjuster will have to go through your attorney if they have any questions.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Report Your Workplace Accident to Your Manager or Human Resources Department

It’s important that you report your workplace accident immediately. Technically, you have thirty days to do this, there’s no reason to wait. First of all, in order to get medical treatment for your work-related injuries, you have to report your accident. Second, the longer you wait to report your accident, the longer it will take for your workers’ compensation claim to be reviewed.

A hard hat and a work injury report form marked urgent

Our Charlotte workers comp attorneys have handled cases where our clients waited too long and were unable to report their accidents. They ended up with no benefits and wondered what our injury lawyers in Charlotte could do to fix it. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow proper protocol, your claim will not be accepted and you will end up with nothing.

Never Post About Your Workers Compensation Case on Social Media

No matter how many times we tell our clients not to post about their cases on social media, they do it. It’s not that they intentionally ignore our warnings. It’s just that social media has become such an integral part of our day that we don’t think before we post.

However, when it comes to your workers’ compensation case, you don’t have a choice. Your employer is going to be monitoring your social media accounts from the moment you report your injury until your case is closed.

They are looking for anything that may help their cause. This could include some or all of the following:

  • Posts where your friends or family joke about you being clumsy
  • Any comments referencing a prior injury similar to the one suffered at work
  • Jokes about you needing a well-deserved vacation
  • Videos or pictures of you doing things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you had suffered a serious workplace injury

Even if something is innocent, the insurance adjuster will try to make it look bad. They will twist and turn your words against you at every turn.

It’s Important That You Meet with a Charlotte Workers Comp Attorney Right Away

We understand that you may want to see if your workers’ compensation claim is approved before you talk to an injury lawyer in Charlotte. It doesn’t make sense to pay a Charlotte workers comp attorney if you don’t have to, right? What you may not realize is that the odds of your claim being improved improve considerably when your employer knows you have an attorney.

Not only do they know you won’t back down, but they also can’t take advantage of you. Sometimes, this is enough to show your employer that you are serious. Your injury lawyer in Charlotte isn’t going to sit back and wait for the insurance company to make a decision. They know that you’re entitled to a timely response and will make sure that happens.

We recommend that anybody who suffers a workplace accident contact our office as soon as possible after their injuries. You want to make sure that your workers’ compensation claim is handled properly from the start. Otherwise, your benefits may be denied. Or they may pay you less than they’re supposed to.

Your Charlotte workers comp attorney will be by your side throughout the workers’ comp process. If the insurance carrier denies your claim, your injury lawyer in Charlotte will have no problem filing legal action. At a minimum, they will appeal your claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

We do offer new clients a free, initial consultation. This means that you can sit down with an experienced Charlotte workers comp attorney at no charge. Ask them any questions you may have. Find out what the next steps are and what you can expect in the days ahead.