How To Improve Safety in Charlotte Workplaces

Injuries at Charlotte workplaces can be quite common. North Carolina law helps wounded employees get compensation for their injuries. The compensable conditions are both wounds from work-related accidents and occupational diseases. Our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers have helped several Charlotte employees get compensation for workplace injuries.

While workers’ comp pays for medical treatment and lost wages, it would help if employers improve safety in Charlotte workplaces. This is because there are things that money cannot truly compensate for, like losing a loved one to a work-related accident. This article looks at ways to make the workplace safer.

If you or anyone you know suffer a work-related injury, contact a Charlotte work comp attorney immediately. Our attorneys will ensure that you get the comp benefits you deserve.

5 Ways to Improve Safety in a Charlotte Workplace

Employers and employees can work to reduce the incidence of work-related accidents. Safe Charlotte workplaces have several benefits for both the employer and the employee. For example, an employer would pay fewer workers’ comp benefits, and an employee can avoid accidents that might leave them impaired.

Below are five ways to improve safety in a Charlotte workplace.

  • An Effective Safety Culture

A company built on employee safety will inevitably have lower compensation claims. A safety culture would involve workplace risk assessments. This may require professional risk assessors or consultants. Then, after this, the business must draft a safety plan. This plan would include safe work codes and procedures.

In addition, the employees must know about such safety plans. If possible, employees should receive training on how to abide by the safety procedures. This way, they can protect themselves from some work hazards. These would include slip and falls, fire accidents, and other dangerous mishaps.

  • Provision of Safety Equipment

A company safety culture without safety equipment is useless. So, it’ll be best to have the best safety apparatus available. Notably, these pieces of equipment would differ across different industries. There is also some basic equipment that’s necessary for all fields. A typical example is fire fighting equipment such as extinguishers.

Other necessary safety gear would include protective clothing such as:

  • Eye prescription lenses
  • Eye and face protection equipment
  • Hard hats for covering the head
  • Special purpose boots
  • Hearing protection equipment, such as earplugs and earmuffs
  • Face masks
  • Respirators
  • Chemical and liquid-resistant gloves
  • Long-sleeved clothing
  • Full body shields
  • An Effective On-Site Clinic

Many times, workplace accidents are not avoidable. However, usually, employers can mitigate the effects of the accident. One way of doing this is having an effective on-site employee clinic.

The clinic should be staffed with qualified medical personnel. So, suppose a worker sustains a work accident. Then, they can get immediate treatment from the available hands. A safer working environment also includes one where the employees have basic first aid training. With such training, they can help other employees when hurt.

  • Provision of Visual Safety Aids and Messages 

Employers should use color codes, posters, labels, and signs to warn employees of potential hazards. For example, if the company is in the construction or manufacturing industry, it will help to place OSHA stickers in all work and recreational areas. In addition, the company can use digital signage to broadcast important safety information, updates, and messages.

Visual aids display and real-time information remind employees to prioritize safety. They also help in emergencies, especially in areas where mobile phones and computers do not work. Lastly, employers can post daily or weekly safety tips and recognize employees who demonstrate outstanding safety awareness.

  • Reviewing, Responding, and Improving

Workplace safety is an ongoing process. This means a workplace cannot be totally safe; there’s always a need for improvement. So instead, employers must always examine their safety protocols and standards. Such analysis will help them notice any flaws in the current safety system. These would include new dangers and those for which the company doesn’t have sufficient countermeasures. Finally, the findings will help the employer improve their company’s safety policy.

Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Want to Help You

No matter how safe a workplace is, there is no guarantee that the workers will not suffer a workplace accident. When this happens, they may be eligible for work comp benefits. This is where our work comp attorneys in Charlotte come on.

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