Are Truck Accidents Legally More Complex Than Other Vehicular Crashes?

A set of strenuous, extensive regulations governs operations in the trucking industry. That’s one of the main reasons why truck accidents can be more legally complex than other kinds of traffic crashes.

If you’re wondering about the complexities involved in truck accident settlements and the steps you’ll need to go through before receiving compensation, get in touch with a Charlotte truck accident lawyer for guidance. In the meantime, you can count on the following guide for some up-to-date information.

How Are Truck and Car Accidents Similar

Charlotte personal injury lawyers often deal with both car and truck accidents. Numerous similarities can be established, regardless of the vehicle’s type and whether it’s commercial or not.

The causes of truck and car accidents are usually similar. These crashes result from human error, technical issues, or an inability to adapt to dangerous road conditions. Negligence on behalf of one or both drivers involved in the crash can also be established, regardless of the vehicle type.

Any type of vehicle crash can leave people injured or permanently disabled. That’s why compensation can be sought, regardless of the kinds of vehicles that have collided.

While these similarities lead to more or less the same legal proceedings, several complications have to be taken into account when getting ready for a truck accident case in Charlotte.

The Complexities of Truck Accident Legal Cases

The Department of Transportation in North Carolina has its regulations related to the operation of commercial vehicles. Vehicle sizes, load sizes, additional equipment, commercial registration, the availability of special permits, and multiple other stipulations are outlined in the document. A Charlotte truck crash attorney will have to review all these details in the event of a crash, determining whether compensation can be legally requested.

These regulations are one of the elements that contribute to specific considerations in the case of truck accidents. These crashes can also be a lot more devastating than a car accident. The size of trucks and the massive loads that they carry would potentially lead to disastrous consequences, spanning beyond the immediate aftermath of the accident itself.

large trucks often cause severe crashes on the highways

Some of the other key factors that make truck accidents more legally challenging include:

  • Insurance coverage: Commercial trucking companies usually have extensive insurance coverage to protect their assets. Insurance companies, however, work to minimize their losses in the event of a crash. Lengthy negotiations often result from the mere scope of trucking accidents and the potential for large insurance payouts.
  • Determining liability: Liability can be more difficult to establish in the case of a truck crash. Truck accidents can result from various elements, ranging from driver negligence to an equipment malfunction or even third-party involvement. The trucking company and even the truck manufacturer can sometimes be held responsible for the occurrence of a crash. For that to happen, however, an extensive investigation will need to take place and a lot of evidence will have to be collected.
  • Type of cargo: Heavy loads can easily shift around, increasing the risk of an accident. In addition, some trucks transport hazardous substances and loads – yet another important part of the settlement equation.
  • Driver status: Is the driver of the truck that crashed an owner of the vehicle, an owner-operator, or an employee? Their status will have an effect on the legal proceedings and the way in which compensation is being sought.
  • More severe damages and injuries: A massive truck that crashes can cause serious injuries. The financial losses for the trucking company will also be significant. If a truck collides with a smaller vehicle, it can cause extensive trauma and even death.
  • Specific types of evidence available: Having a car involved in a crash involves the collection of evidence in a well-established way. Commercial trucks, however, may be subjected to a different procedure. The additional kinds of evidence that will have to be reviewed include the data from the truck’s “black box,” the maintenance logs, hours of service logs, cargo loading documents, etc.

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Getting compensated after an accident will often involve extensive preparation and lengthy negotiations. This is where a Charlotte auto accident lawyer will be very helpful.

North Carolina legal professionals who specialize in commercial vehicle and truck crashes understand the complexities involved in those cases. They understand the way insurance companies work and the evidence that will be required to establish responsibility for the crash.

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