Uncooperative Employer: Victimization After Workers Comp

On top of the stress of being involved in a workplace accident, you may have to deal with an uncooperative employer. Filing a worker’s compensation is your right and you shouldn’t be punished for it. But it can happen. Your employer may confiscate your device, deter you from filing a worker’s compensation claim or even mistreat you to make you stop filming. This blog looks at what to do if you feel that your employer is mistreating you for filming a worker’s compensation claim.

There is a lot of confusion about what exactly is required when it comes to filming a worker’s compensation claim. While most people agree that something must be done, most don’t know how to go about doing so. Many times, employers will try and avoid paying workers’ compensation claims by making it difficult for employees to file claims. Contact a Charlotte personal injury lawyer from the 1Charlotte Law Firm for a free consultation to evaluate the situation and guide you through.

Things To Do If Your Employer Mistreats You For Filming a Worker’s Compensation Claim

If your employer has been mistreating you and censoring your work, filming a worker’s compensation claim may be the best way to get justice. Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself:

#1) Document Everything

Keep a journal of what’s happening at work, including any incidents that could be related to your filming. This will help you prove any allegations of mistreatment.

That’s how you prove your case. First, you have to be sure you’re covered. Workers’ compensation can be tricky because there are many different policies and plans and it’s easy to misunderstand what’s covered. It pays to know your employer’s policy and to make sure you understand what’s required for filing a claim. If you do everything you can to protect yourself and you’re still mistreated, you’ll have proof that you did nothing wrong.

There are a lot of situations where employer retaliation is illegal. For example, if your employer fires you for reporting workplace injuries, that is illegal. If your employer fires you for reporting unsafe workplace conditions, that is illegal. If your employer fires you for refusing to do something illegal, that is illegal. If your employer fires you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, that is illegal.

#2) Stand Up For Yourself

If your employer is harassing or intimidating you, speak up. Say that you want to document the situation and ask for an impartial third party to arbitrate the dispute. If your employer mistreats you for filming a worker’s compensation claim, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. While the right to record an injury claim is protected by law, there are times when an employer might try to tell you that they don’t want you to record. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself, but do so in a way that will not make the situation worse.

#3) Go Public

Worker’s compensation is a state-mandated insurance that employers must carry to cover employees who get hurt while working. The idea behind worker’s compensation is that employers are responsible for paying the medical bills of employees who are hurt on the job.

Many employers have workers’ compensation insurance, but the coverage isn’t always what it’s supposed to be. Sometimes, employers would rather pay the fine for not carrying worker’s compensation insurance than protect their employees. If your employer continues to mistreat you, talking to friends, family, or online community members may help put pressure on them.

#4) Consult An Attorney

If your employer is refusing to comply with your requests or you feel that you’re in danger, you may want to consult an attorney. A Charlotte work injury lawyer can help evaluate the situation and protect your rights. It’s a sad truth that mistreatment is a serious issue in the workplace. From a hostile work environment to discrimination, mistreatment can come in many forms.

Mistreatment should be taken seriously, both for the employee and for the well-being of the company. A company who mistreats employees might have a hard time keeping employees happy and productive, which can affect the company’s bottom line. If you’ve been mistreated, it’s important to know your rights and what to do next.

Know Your Rights After A Workplace Injury And What To Do Next

Filming a worker’s compensation claim is a smart way to protect yourself from mistreatment from your employer. Certain rights protect workers who have been injured at their job. These laws are present to help people get the support they are entitled to for their injuries. Sadly, some employers and people in general, don’t know the law. Some people will tell you that you are breaking the law by filming a worker’s compensation claim. This is not true! It is perfectly legal to film a worker’s compensation claim. It is important to know your rights in this situation. If you are getting mistreated by your employer call a worker’s compensation attorney.

Avoid Working In Toxic Environments

Working in the fast-paced modern workplace is like staying in an abusive relationship. You might stay for a few more months, but you’ll never feel the same about your job. Whether you’re being verbally abused or you’re getting passed up for raises, you are being mistreated. And if you stay in the relationship, you’ll be losing out on better opportunities. Your boss should be treating you with professionalism and respect, not like trash.

Were You Injured While At Work? Let A Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer Help!

A toxic workplace culture is characterized by low morale, high stress, and low job satisfaction. The signs of toxic workplace culture are usually obvious to employees, managers, and even customers. Try to avoid such places or if you encounter something that’s not legally right don’t hesitate to reach out to a lawyer from the 1Charlotte Law Firm.

You must speak with a Charlotte work injury lawyer from the 1Charlotte Law Firm about your rights and what to do next.

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