What are the Real Goals of Worker’s Comp Adjusters?

We’ve all heard about the unsavory tactics used by car accidents and homeowners insurance claims adjusters. But worker’s compensation can’t work the same way, right? Actually, you shouldn’t be so surprised when a worker’s compensation claims adjuster provides a much lower figure than you anticipated. In fact, many companies are turning to the familiar insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance policies, car insurance policies, and now, worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

Worker’s compensation adjusters don’t work with your best interest in mind; in fact, they don’t work with the state’s best interest in mind either. They don’t serve to benefit you, your employer, or the working class. Worker’s compensation adjusters are employees of the insurance provider. They serve the insurance company’s best interest. It’s in your best interest to reach out to one of our Charlotte workers’ comp attorneys.

What Does a Worker’s Comp Adjuster Do?

Worker’s compensation Adjusters will review documentation associated with a worker’s compensation claim, determine if the claim is appropriate, and determine the compensation amount. As we work through each clean, they need to ensure that everyone involved is following guidelines and completing documents accurately.

However, there is some suspicion that the actual goal of a worker’s compensation adjuster is to keep as much money with the insurance company as possible. That means cutting corners on claims and outright denying claims that should have received compensation.

Who Do They Work For?

Although worker’s compensation adjusters do work directly for the insurance company, they are responsible for collaborating with healthcare experts. Health care experts and industry experts should constantly be updating systems to ensure that adjusters have the most accurate information available to assess their claims.

If an insurance adjuster comes up with a questionable compensation amount, it may not be directly on them. It could be a combination of issues with healthcare experts, physicians, and the adjuster not properly assessing the damages.

However, there is an ongoing issue with insurance companies being very proud of not outsourcing claims adjustment. This is really appealing to businesses because it’s the idea that they’ll eventually pay less because internal adjusters will always favor the company more than the business is employees.

Are Worker’s Comp Adjusters Always Right?

Worker’s compensation adjusters can’t be right every time. It’s impossible in the position they’re in to ensure that everyone involved followed all of the guidelines and state worker’s compensation laws, file documentation appropriately, and conduct a thorough analysis. It is a lot of work for one person, but that is no reason to lower the expectation of quality work.

When facing issues with a worker’s compensation claim, bring to life that you’re not the only party participating in this process. Insurance companies like to put the blame on the victim, but every worker’s compensation claim involves a large group of people, all responsible for filing paperwork correctly and following laws.

Can They Help You?

Insurance adjusters can help victims because, in addition to insurance companies using malicious tactics, health networks do too. One of the main reasons that insurance companies do employ their own worker’s compensation at gestures is to combat dishonest medical bills.

There’s no doubt, you have probably seen it first-hand, medical networks inflate medical bills. It’s almost as though they use it as a scare tactic. “Get expensive insurance or have hundreds of thousands in medical debt for the rest of your life,” is the feeling that most people get when they receive a hospital bill.

In the ideal worker’s compensation situation, you should never even see the bill. You should not have anyone calling your phone or mailing demand letters to your house for outstanding payment. Insurance adjusters do serve to gather medical bills, assess them for honesty, and even negotiate to lower the cost of the medical expenses.

When Should You Involve a North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Most people wait for far too long to bring in a North Carolina Worker’s compensation attorney. Worker’s compensation attorneys strive to get victims relief quickly, without missing out on key elements of compensation. You were hurt, and your employer’s choice of insurance may decide if your medical bills get paid or not. Don’t wait for someone who clearly does not have your best interest in mind to make a decision about your financial future.

Instead, North Carolina’s Worker’s Compensation Attorneys now. Our law professionals are waiting, so take your claim and fight for the compensation you need to get back to work. We don’t have any doubt that you deserve fair compensation, and you don’t deserve to live under crushing medical debt for an injury that happened at work.