How Can an Employee File a Claim About Bad Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers Comp Insurance

You can alert state and federal authorities or organizations of issues with injuries, but who can you tell about shady workers’ comp insurance? Most of the time, issues with workers’ comp don’t come to light until many employees have filed complaints. You can be the first, or possibly the last, to report your employer’s insurance, […]

Charlotte Workplace Accidents and Compensation

Workplace Accidents

Just like in any other major city, Charlotte sees its fair share of workplace accidents and injuries. From construction injuries on new buildings, roofers falling, or truckers getting into wrecks, it’s everything you would and wouldn’t expect. For full compensation, however, you’ll need to go a bit beyond the extent of your workers’ compensation application. […]

What Happens When a Trucker Has Injuries from a Wreck – Can They Claim Workers’ Comp?

Injuries from a Wreck

Truckers spend almost all their time on the road, so it’s no surprise when one gets into an accident. The difference between a wreck for a trucker and everyone else is that your injuries were from a workplace accident. So, what does that mean for you, can you submit a workers’ comp and an auto […]

North Carolina’s Highest Risk Jobs and Injuries

Charlotte Workers Comp

Some jobs involve sitting behind a desk, and others involve walking across red iron steel hundreds of feet in the air. Clearly, one is a higher risk, but you might not expect truck driving to be a high-risk position, or working with the city as an animal control agent. The thing is that the highest […]