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Are you injured in a car accident in Asheville, North Carolina? A relative has been hurt or killed in a traffic collision. If so, it is normal to feel confused and upset. You may be wondering about the financial implications. There will be medical expenses and time off from work to recuperate and perhaps damage to your vehicle which needs to be repaired.

If this describes your situation, you could be entitled to compensation that will assist you in recovering. In 1Charlotte, the Asheville car accident lawyers can be reached at 704.706.2689. Now is the time to seek legal aid in protecting your rights in this case.

What Is The Cost Of A Car Accident Lawyer?

The financial consequences of a car accident could be devastating. It is important to consider the high cost of legal representation. Asheville lawyers for car accidents offer their legal expertise on a contingency fee basis.

We don’t charge upfront charges for consultations, expert investigation services, negotiations with adjusters, or representation in court. We will not charge anything unless you are successful and receive the full amount of compensation.

Asheville Car Accident Lawyer

What Should I Do Following A Car Accident?

After a car accident, it’s normal to feel anxious and confused. It is crucial to remain calm and to try to do all you can to aid your case. Here are some guidelines to consider in the event you or someone near you is injured in a crash.

Get In Touch With The Police

A successful personal injury claim will be accompanied by an official police report. It is imperative to immediately contact the police and report the incident. Don’t leave the scene until the complete report has been completed. You should take notes of the precincts, names, and badge numbers for all officers who arrive on the scene.

Be Sure To Check On Other Parties That Are Involved

Car accidents pose a grave danger to your health. Accidents that happen after the accident can further aggravate the danger. Do not leave the scene of the accident, but if your injuries are mild and you are able to leave the scene take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others involved in the accident safe from harm.

Exchange Information

Take note of the names, license plate numbers, contact information, as well as insurance details of the other drivers involved in the accident.

Record The Scene

Utilizing your mobile or cellphone device, take a photo recording of the incident in as much detail as feasible. Take close-ups of the damages to the cars involved, road debris and skid marks. Wide-angle images of both vehicles, taken with respect to one another as well as traffic signal signals.

Never Admit Fault

After an incident, you may feel angry, frustrated, or even guilty. This is normal. It is important not to say or do anything that might compromise the strength of your case. Even a simple “sorry” can be taken as an acknowledgment of blame for the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

It is recommended that you have your injuries examined by a licensed medical expert. Some injuries may not be obvious within the first few hours of the incident. Organ damage and internal bleeding are serious injuries that may not be detected in the immediate aftermath. The report of a medical expert is crucial in determining the amount of necessary compensation to achieve an entire recovery.

Call An Asheville Car Accident Lawyer!

Contact an experienced attorney for car accidents who can begin the claim process. A skilled personal injury attorney can accurately calculate the damages, prepare an appropriate case, and then contact the insurance companies of the driver at fault.

What Is The Best Time To Get An Attorney For My Auto Accident?

It is an ideal rule of thumb to get in touch with your lawyer as quickly as you are able. Your case’s strength is enhanced by newly captured evidence. You should contact a respected car accident lawyer as quickly as you can following the accident. It is best to retain legal representation within 7 days.

Why Do I Need An Asheville Car Accident Lawyer In NC?

Although your case may appear straightforward at first glance, personal injury law is complex. A knowledgeable Asheville lawyer for car accidents will handle your case in Asheville, North Carolina. This will ensure that you receive the full amount for the damages you have suffered.

These are only one of the many advantages that an Asheville Car Accident Lawyer can offer to your personal injury claim.

Filing A Lawsuit / Case Preparation

Preparing a strong case isn’t easy. A seasoned Asheville attorney for car accidents has been through this numerous times and will create a watertight case that will stand strong during negotiations as well as on the court floor.

Settlement Negotiation

An Asheville lawyer that specializes in car accidents will review your case from every angle and provide a detailed description of the damages you sustained and the legal damages you can claim. They will then work with insurance companies who will do whatever it takes to cut the amount they are paid. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you to negotiate a favorable resolution.

Trial Preparation And Representation

If there isn’t a deal, the case will go to court. An Asheville lawyer for car accidents who has experience can help you create a case that protects your rights and defends them.

What Are The Damages I Can Recover?

Three types of damages can be given victims of car accidents with three types of damages:

These damages can easily be transformed into a number. They include lost earnings, past, future, and future medical expenses, as well as lost wages due time for recuperation and loss of earning ability as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Non-Economic Damages – damages like loss of emotional anguish, consortium loss, or suffering and pain aren’t easily converted into a financial figure. Non-economic damages are given a value in cash by the legal counsel you hire, based on evidence from an expert.

Punitive Damages, the addition you could be awarded punitive damages if your acts of the defendant are particularly grievous. The court will assign these damages to the at-fault party for the sole purpose of retribution against the defendant.

What’s The Issue In The Event Of An Asheville Car Accident?

North Carolina uses the concept of contributory negligence to determine who is accountable for personal injuries. In other words, if the plaintiff is even 1% to blame for the accident which resulted in injuries they cannot be compensated. This is a scathing reality and brings to light the importance of having a competent legal advocate who can relieve you of any blame in the events leading up to the accident.

Car Accident Injury Statute Of Limitations

North Carolina has a three-year limitation on personal injury cases, for example, a car accident. The statute of limitations starts from the date of the accident. If, however, you didn’t initially realize that negligence was a factor in the accident and injuries you may be able to claim more than three years to file an action against the responsible driver.

What Should I Do If The Insurance Company Denies The Claim?

Insurance companies could decline your claim for compensation for a wide variety of reasons, but it should not be interpreted as a final verdict and may not have anything to be a factor in the success of your case.

The Asheville car accident lawyers at 1Charlotte have secured millions of dollars for clients who were denied insurance claims.

There have been many cases where the insurance providers had no authority to deny the claim, and their decision is able to be reversed.

Do I Have A Case?

If you have been involved in an Asheville car accident that was caused through the negligence of another driver, you may have a case and get compensation for the damage you have sustained. An Asheville attorney for car accidents will need to review your case details to determine if you are entitled to compensation.

For a free consultation with 1Charlotte and to receive a reputable legal opinion on your rights, call 1Charlotte’s law office. 1Charlotte.

Final Remarks Car Accidents In Asheville, North Carolina

An Asheville car accident lawyer can assist you should you be injured in an accident or if you have a loved one who was killed or seriously injured due to the negligence of a driver. Contact us at 704.706.2689 to arrange to schedule a FREE consultation with our legal experts. We will examine your case details and recommend the best approach to ensure the best result.

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