Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits in North Carolina

Workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina provide insurance for workers who contract an occupational illness or suffer injury in a workplace accident. It simply means that you wouldn’t be left to your fate when you suffer a workplace injury. Instead, there is some financial support you’re entitled to in case of any occupational mishap that causes you harm.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for employers and employees. It protects the employers from personal injury lawsuits while providing ample compensation for the employees. Workers’ compensation also helps to save time, stress, and some money. That’s because workers’ compensation claims do not cover pain and suffering damages, as personal injury claims do.

However, just as individual cases differ, the types of benefits an injured worker will receive depends on the cases’ specifics. This article serves as an exposé on the types of work comp benefits available to a North Carolina worker. You’d also learn why you need a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney for the best results.

What Are the Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits in North Carolina?

Were you or your loved one injured in a work-related accident in North Carolina? Then these benefits may be available to you:

  • Disability Benefits in North Carolina

According to North Carolina’s Workers Compensation Law, disability means “Incapacity because of injury to earn the wages which the employee was receiving at the time of injury in the same or any other employment.” Note that disability under this definition covers an employee’s inability to earn wages and excludes physical infirmity or ability.

There are four types of disability benefits. They’re  Temporary Total Disability (TTD), Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), and Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

Total disability means that the affected worker can no longer earn a living. Partial disability connotes the inability to return to the previous type of work. Both types of disability can either be temporary or permanent and carry different payment sums.

  • Medical Benefits in North Carolina

Injured workers need varying degrees of medical care to bounce back to normal. Medical benefits cover most of the expenses for the employee as it relates to health services, medications, tests, etc. It may also include chiropractic services, physical therapy, rehabilitation services, psychological counseling, etc.

Generally, work comp should cover all the medical expenses resulting from your work-related injury. In many cases, it’s the employer who chooses the medical provider for the injured worker.

  • Disfigurement Benefits 

NC’s work comp laws make provision for workers who got some serious form of disfigurement due to occupational illnesses. This is regardless of whether they can still do work or not. That’s because disfigurement affects the victim’s quality of life in more ways than one.

This benefit covers internal organ damage, and disfigurement payment depends on the part of the affected body. Unfortunately, in many cases, injured workers can’t receive disability and disfigurement benefits separately. Furthermore, disfigurement benefits are discretionary.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits 

Some workers get injured so that they cannot resume their former jobs upon full recovery. When this happens, they may need to apply for other jobs that match their new conditions. Sometimes, they may need vocational training to get them acquainted with their new positions. Vocational rehab benefits cover the training costs and may include resume and job application services, tuition fees, etc.

  • Death Benefits 

Not all occupational accidents result in a worker’s illness, disability, or disfigurement. Sometimes, it gets so serious that the worker dies. In such fatal cases, the workers’ survivors are entitled to death benefits from the worker’s insurance.

Do I Need a North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Getting your work comp benefits in North Carolina even when you’re eligible isn’t as easy as it seems. Asides from the physical pain and inconvenience, it takes a daunting process with loads of paperwork to get your benefits. As such, you need help, and a qualified Charlotte workers’ comp lawyer is in the best position to offer it.

Sometimes, even when you get your benefits, it may not cover all your medical expenses and lost wages. In such cases, you may need to appeal, and your lawyer will help you do that. A Charlotte workers’ comp attorney will ensure that your employer doesn’t victimize you upon resumption. They will also guarantee a stress-free process for you from start to finish.

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